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Our company is located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture.

To make your life richer and more comfortable,
We offer advice on new construction and renovations.

Our company
We are making it while checking with our customers every day.
Therefore, there is no misalignment of the image after completion.

Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of remodeling or building a new house.

We will help you create a prosperous future.

~SGCreate diary~

What we want to offer is "creation"

Through the building we are here to help you.

From painting work to various renovations, please feel free to contact us for trivial matters.
SG Create proposes a wonderful plan full of smiles based on customer feedback.
Please experience the renovation with high satisfaction.


Utilizing the know-how of various new constructions and renovations that we have cultivated over many years, please entrust us with the planning and drafting of optimal construction consistently. We carefully listen to our customers’ needs, concerns, concerns, and requests, and make optimal proposals based on our many years of experience and knowledge.


We will propose the best plan for your building and residence, such as renovation of detached houses and condominiums, and renovation of business assets.


Commitment to condominium construction. A variety of projects that cannot be imitated by ready-made products. Superior ability to make proposals based on a long-term vision. Reliable construction capabilities backed by a proven track record. In order to realize stable asset formation, we will make proposals that boast a high occupancy rate.


Leave the proposal, design and construction to us. Our experienced sales, design, and construction staff work together to make proposals to realize the factories and warehouses that our customers want.

Medical facilities

The construction of medical and welfare facilities requires special technical elements that differ from general construction. We propose a peaceful space where you can stay healthy both physically and mentally, taking into account the diverse needs of the aging modern society.