For the first time users

Flow to completion


If you are thinking about construction, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
If you can tell us your desired budget, location and construction details when making an inquiry,
It will be easier for you to make suggestions.

2.Cost estimate

We will give you an estimate based on the content of your inquiry.
Once the budget is decided, we will make a more detailed proposal.


If you are satisfied with the estimated amount and the contents of the proposal, we will sign a contract.
We will visit you at a convenient date and time to check the construction site and coordinate the completion image. Coordinate the construction schedule. The content of the proposal will change depending on the content of the meeting, but we will adjust it so that it fits within your budget.
In addition, if there is time during the visit, we will also conduct a survey of the construction site.

4.Advance payment

A prepayment of 50% of the contract amount is required before work begins.
As soon as payment is confirmed, we will purchase the necessary materials and start construction.

5.Start of construction

We will take care not to disturb the customer’s house or neighbors.
Please rest assured that we will carry out consistent construction.


We will present a completed drawing at the time of the meeting, but we will proceed while confirming the main points with the customer. Depending on the situation, we may change it to something more optimal rather than building it as is.
Since the construction is carried out while checking, there is no deviation at the time of completion, and the customer is pleased.

7.Construction completed

After a strict internal check, we will report the completion of the work.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The balance will be paid upon completion of construction.
After confirming payment, all work will be completed.
In addition, if there is a request after the construction is completed, we will make fine adjustments and check the garden.